Enterprise Content Management

Capture >> Manage >> Store >> Preserve >> Transform

Through policies, governance, analysis and Relating of your corporate content

Artificers Content Management (ECM) provides organizations with a complete solution that Aggregates structured and unstructured content which will help organizations to continuously use past performance and knowledge base which will reduce the TIME and COST ,Our data scientists can provide solution with automatic classification and tagging, Minimizes cost by avoiding duplicate storage,Provides automated retention and archival mechanism with a secure distribution/ publishing/ sharing/ access of content across multiple channels and approval workflows

The Process

  • Capture content and metadata from Source
  • Manage Permission and control of the content
  • Store content in secure data stores
  • Preserve content based on organizational retention and archival policies
  • Present content to users through various modes / media
  • • Modern, fast user interface with powerful search

    • Mobile apps for smart phones and tablets
    • Centralized management of all types of unstructured

    content including documents, images, video and records

    • Content management capabilities including flexible

    security, version control, customizable metadata,

    workflow engine, and rendition engine

    • Out-of-the-Box adapters for content enabling enterprise

    applications and business processes

    • Inbuilt Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations


    • Reduce Costs – convert paper-based documents to eDocument

    • Gain Efficiencies – with a single source of truth,

    • Reduce Risks – improve consistency and auditability,

    • Create Value – improve business agility by leveraging

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